Zoning systems allow you to control the temperature in areas or “zones” / groups of rooms in your home. Each zone can have its own temperature setting or program for heating & cooling to follow. Typical Carrier zoning systems will have 2-4 zones and more can be added, if needed or desired.

There are many benefits of adding a zoning system to your home:

  • Choose to keep unused areas of your home colder in the heating months and warmer in the cooling months
  • Better temperature control for areas of your home
  • Greater efficiency of your HVAC equipment
  • Increased comfort within your home

The Carrier Infinity Zoning system has communicating thermostats with modulating dampers. When a thermostat makes a call for heat or cooling, it will look at the other thermostats to determine whether any other zones or areas need heat or cooling. This prevents short cycling of the equipment and allows the equipment to operate more efficiently.